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Australian based, custom made sea shell glasses 

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The Collection

Parel Project

Welcome to Parel Project, your ultimate destination for handmade seashell stemware and decorative pieces in Australia. We create beautiful stemware that blends seashells with expert craftsmanship. At Parel Project, we value attention to detail and quality. Our collection is handcrafted by skilled artisans, creating unique stemware as works of art. Our seashell glasses add charm & elegance to any occasion or decor.

Explore our handmade seashell stemware. Each piece, from champagne flutes to wine glasses, features stunning seashells for a chic coastal look. We have stemware and decor to create a coastal paradise. Our seashell creations are stunning centerpieces for any space, from wall art to candle holders.


Parel Project is ethical and sustainable. We responsibly source seashells and minimize environmental impact during production. Choose our products for ethical craftsmanship and beauty. "Enhance your space with handmade seashell stemware and decor." Discover coastal elegance in our collection today. Buy handcrafted seashell stemware at Parel Project in Australia.

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